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Excerpts of Bylaw 001-2015 "Dog Bylaw"


Licensing of Dogs

"3. Every person who owns or harbours a dog within the municipality shall cause such dog to be registered with and obtain a licence for the dog for the current Licence Year from the Village Office. Failure to do so shall constitute an offence under this bylaw.

4. At the time of registering, the owner shall provide the Administrator with a description of each dog owned by him including its breed, sex, whether the dog has been spayed/neutered, and the name of the owner of the dog and contact information;

5. Every owner to whom a license has been issued under this bylaw shall cause his dog to wear a collar to which shall be attached the license tag issued by the municipality pursuant to this bylaw;"

License Fees

"7. License fees shall be payable as follows for each dog in the same household:          


 Dog licenses are $5.00.

 Dog licenses are $10.00 if the dog is NOT spayed or neutered.

Guide Dogs

"8. The license fee shall be waived for any dog professionally trained and used as a guide dog."

Running at Large   

"10. No owner shall permit any dog to run at large in the Municipality at any time whether it is licensed or not. 

11.   Any person witnessing a dog running at large may lodge a written complaint with the Administrator using Form A, available from the Village of Chaplin Office.

12.   The owner of any dog found running at large shall be in violation of this bylaw and sent a Notice of Violation, Form B, by the Administrator.  The fine for any dog caught running at large shall be $200.  If the dog is unlicensed at the time of the violation, the dog will be licensed and a license fee as set out in Section 7 will be added to the fine."

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